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Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology

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£25 instead of £40 is offered during weekdays between 9am - 5pm. Please state this when booking.

Reflexology is a wonderful deeply relaxing therapy which is very popular to my clients.

Reflexology is a pressure point advanced massage on the feet. The feet are massaged to balance and treat the whole body - not just symptoms. It helps the body’s natural balance. It helps the body's natural balance. I use specific techniques called Finger-Free Reflexology which gives you a deeper treatment.

How does Reflexology treat you?
• Help you to deep relaxation
• Relieve emotional stress
• Improve mood
• Aid sleep
• Relieve tension and anxiety
• Improve a sense of well-being.

What will happen?
Prior to treatment a full consultation will take place. This will enable your therapist to provide you with an individual treatment plan to suit your needs.

In the first consultation lifestyle, diet, exercise and other related details may be discussed and any information given is kept strictly private and confidential.

Your shoes and socks will be removed, the feet examined and cleaned. A gentle massage will be given to the feet followed by pressure techniques applied to the reflexes. Claire can use finger-free techniques on your feet to give you a deeper treatment.

How about an 80 minute Reflexology or Maternity (Pregnancy) Reflexology treatment with Indian Head Massage in Croydon? Please come to my StressTakeAway Therapy Room where I can offer this combined treatment for only £50. Special Offer.
Please book asap to avoid disappointment. Do state the offer prior the appointment.
Click Prices Page for further info on prices and location.

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Finger-Free© Reflexology

Developed by David Wayte.

I was trained in Finger-Free © Reflexology by its founder, David Wayte. I am delighted to have achieved the Finger-Free Reflexology certificate, enabling me to adapt these new techniques and benefits into my Reflexology treatments. *Finger-Free Reflexology can give you a deeper treatment using specific techniques.
With Finger Free© Reflexology I can spend considerable time working on the zones of the feet where the meridians lie. Time is spent freeing up blocks that may exist in the energy flow, thereby restoring balance and function throughout the body.
Finger-Free Reflexology works by using specific techniques that require me to use the whole of my hand, not just my fingers. By using my hands, the pressure exerted takes on a more smooth and even feeling. The result is a deeper, more relaxing treatment.

Please try it.... I am confident you will love the benefits finger-free Reflexology can bring!

Simply email: [email protected]

Maternity Reflexology

Cancellation Policy: No cancellation charge for heavily-pregnant women.

I am certified to provide maternity reflexology which can support couples who wish to conceive or have conceived and are in need of additional holistic support to re-balance their lifestyles.

What is Maternity Reflexology?
Maternity Reflexology is aimed specifically at women during pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period.

During your pregnancy, your body will go through significant changes; this can affect the emotional hormonal and physiological balance of your body.

Reflexology can help to relax and improve mood, relieve tension and anxiety before, during or after pregnancy. It also prevents or reduces post-natal depression after pregnancy.

During your pregnancy, your body will go through significant changes; this can affect the emotional hormonal and physiological balance of your body.

How does Maternity Reflexology treat you?
• Help deep relaxation
• Relieve worries and anxiety
• Reduce stress level
• Aid sleep
• Relieve tension and aches
• Improve a sense of well-being.

It is advisable you inform your fertility consultant or GP that you are receiving reflexology.

In UK research has shown women who have had regular treatment during their pregnancy have shorter labour time and have less pain killers. Reflexology can be helpful:
reduction of pain relief
avoiding induction of labour for women who have passed their due date.

In preparation for labour, a course of six sessions from week 30 is highly recommended for maximum benefit.

Put your feet up and relax!


Thanks again for my reflexology and Indian Head Massage earlier today. It worked because I had my baby boy at 9.30pm tonight!!
Thanks again to you. Louise. Beckenham.

"Claire is amazing and inspirational. I fell asleep throughout reflexology treatment last week. It was the best reflexology ever! I shall return next week. Thank you! Emily" - Beckenham (guestbook)

“It was my first experience of reflexology and I found the treatment to be very relaxing. The treatment was given with a lot of care and attention. Thank you.” – Croydon (guestbook)

"Hi Claire. My contractions started at 9.30pm on the same evening of the 31st March after our maternity reflexology session and our daughter Eva was born 7 hours later after a natural birth. You obviously worked your magic and I was very grateful for that. Kate." - London Bridge (mobile phone text)

“ London (guestbook)

“Claire came to my home and gave me a really relaxing Indian Head Massage Treatment. I felt really good afterwards - I particularly enjoyed the face massage part of the treatment. I am a massage therapist myself and would happily refer clients to Claire.” – Croydon, South London (guestbook)

"I tracked a Maternity Reflexologist of Croydon and booked her for a reflexology session last week to start my labour as one day overdue. One day after, the labour started and gave birth to a baby girl that evening. Reflexology was amazing!" (client from South Croydon - guestbook)

Treatments are within easy reach of Beckenham, Bromley, Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Croydon, West Wickham & Woodside.

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Client Feedback:

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